Video Analytics for Manual Assembly
Step-level analytics for processes that are continually changing.
10% Improvement in Yield, 60% Reduction in Manual Errors.
What is RetroActivity?
RetroActivity boosts quality control and continuous improvement by digitizing manual assembly activities through visual analytics, providing increased visibility to industrial engineers, line operators, operational excellence leaders, and trainers.
Continuous Improvement
Ramp Up
Install without stopping your line
We drop by to help you install, or you can do it yourself within an hour.
Setup a new process within a few hours
Enter steps and capture videos
Enter bill of process and record around 25 demonstrations of the process (takes ~1 hour)
Label the videos at the level of individual steps (takes ~10 minutes)
Start RetroActivity
Get cycle times and step-level analytics, such as standard deviation for each step
NASA technology for your lines
We are funded by NASA to assist crews heading to Mars perform complicated medical and maintenance procedures without needing to communicate in real time with Mission Control back on Earth.
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  • Step-level Analytics

    Rapid Onboarding Tools

    First install and training

    800-number for support
$99 per month
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  • Step-level Analytics

    Rapid Onboarding Tools

    Installation and training

    Dedicated support line

    Regular factory visits for continued support and training.

    Free of cost replacement if an issue is not fixed within 24 hours
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