Today, the digital twin concept creates digital representations of "assets" deployed across supply chains, and recent advances in digitization are beginning to add tools that provide visibility into "processes" and "places" as well. Yet, there is no way of representing the "people" that interact with these assets, power these processes, and work across these places.

We provide visibility into where workers are on the production line, which step they are on within their station, and how they are performing each step. We provide workers with live, step-by-step guidance, and alert them when they make a mistake.

Our Solution
We are the foremost authorities in 3D object-interaction understanding, having advised a dozen doctoral students on these problems at the leading organizations. Our prior work has been cited by every major lab from MIT, Stanford, and CMU to Apple, Google, and Baidu.

During our time in industry, we shipped Microsoft HoloLens 1 & 2, 500,000 Honda cars with camera-based AI, as well as Lego products augmented with AI that you can buy in any toy store today.
Founding Team
Zeeshan Zia, Ph.D.
Quoc-Huy Tran, Ph.D.
Andrey Konin
Chief Architect
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