Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
Vision and Mission
Retrocausal is the industry leader in intelligence augmentation systems that help manufacturing workers avoid assembly mistakes, be more efficient at their daily jobs, and improve the processes they drive.

We empower low-skilled workers to take on increasingly higher-skilled work. We are an intelligence augmentation company for front-line workers of all shapes, sizes, and forms.
Meet our leaders
Renowned AI innovators turned entrepreneurs
Zeeshan Zia, PhD
Zeeshan focuses on delighting our customers by understanding their needs and defining product and strategy to meet and exceed these needs. He works closely with our sales leadership to grow our customer base.

Zeeshan was a scientific leader at Microsoft's HoloLens division, where he invented AI technologies to assist frontline workers across industries. Earlier, he shipped IoT platforms and visual defect detection software for manufacturers at Siemens and MVTec GmbH.
Quoc-Huy Tran, PhD
Huy takes our product roadmap and figures out what's achievable with today's AI advances, and what we need to invent to solve our customers' pain points.

Huy led teams of scientists and engineers at NEC and invented technologies for driver assistance systems that are part of 500,000+ Honda cars. He is an inventor on more than 20 US patents, and his research papers are cited by every lab from MIT, Stanford, and CMU to Apple, Google, and Baidu.
Andrey Konin
Chief Architect
Andrey takes inventions and converts them into innovations. He leads our product engineering team to turn our scientific prototypes into robust customer-facing products.

Andrey co-founded and successfully exited a startup to immigrate to the US. He spent his next eight years building the core data science infrastructure for Amazon's supply chain planning team, and the CV/ML infrastructure for Microsoft's HoloLens organization.
Michael Stephan
VP of Sales
Michael works closely with our marquis customers to understand their needs, and figures out the best solution that immediately adds dollars to their bottom line.

Michael has almost 20 years of enterprise sales experience. He has held sales leadership roles at pioneering AI and computer vision startups.
Meet our investors
We are funded by leading institutional and corporate investors, whose portfolio companies are household names, and have made major positive impact on modern society.
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