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Pathfinder Apollo
Digital Twin of People
Introduction to Pathfinder Apollo
Visual Mistake-Proofing for Assembly

Create digital "poka-yoke" mechanisms for a variety of sub-assembly processes . Pathfinder tracks individual steps of an assembly process, and offers audible and visual alerts to help associates avoid mistakes.

Pathfinder minimizes rework and scrap costs on your lines by reduces assembly mistakes by 60%.

Analytics for Manual Processes

Pathfinder measures cycle-times, step-level statistics, variations and non-value added activities. This highlights process variability and helps industrial and lean engineers balance lines.

Pathfinder helps manufacturers extract more productivity out of their processes.
Video Traceability for the whole line

Pathfinder extends the typical notion of Total Quality Management (TQM) beyond traceability of parts, to every assembly step. This empowers industrial and quality engineers to analyze root cause of issues from their computers, and to narrow down product batches for recall events.

Wide Applicability
Install Pathfinder to capture the widest variety of use cases on your lines.
Capture activities on moving lines, multi-camera, and high-mix processes.
Ease and Speed
Deploy processes in hours and days as opposed to weeks and months.
Ability to capture 95% of mistakes
at almost 0% false positive rate.
Patented, Peer-Reviewed, Award-Winning Technology
Our technology has won multiple bake offs against alternative solutions in the market.
Semantic video alignment
We track the interaction of associates and objects (e.g. parts and tools), performing real-time alignment against segments of reference videos. Thus we understand more complex actions than possible with motion capture.
Unsupervised deep learning
Our unsupervised video understanding algorithm continues to improve its model of a process once the system has been deployed, without requiring additional labels.
Object discovery and anomaly detection
Our learning approach automatically "discovers" the parts and tools that an associate interacts with, without requiring explicit labels. We detect anomalous assembly entirely based on "normal" training demonstrations.
Pathfinder has been deployed across a variety of use cases.
Kit Packing
Main assembly
We provide integration with leading MES, programmable control, and identity management solutions.
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