Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
Proactively identify safety risks!
Plug-and-play smart camera device that is your safety manager's best friend
What is RetroSafety?
A solution to make your safety managers upto 3x more effective, with zero on-boarding effort!
Instant alerts about safety violations.

Dashboard on efficient utilization of workers and earth moving equipment.

Artificial Intelligence platform that has been cited by MIT, Stanford, and CMU.

From the team that shipped HoloLens and Honda's self-driving technology.
End-to-end solution
Our camera-system unpacks and goes live like an iPhone.

No technical assistance needed.

of safety violations detected (if within line-of-sight).
Real-time security rules violation detection: hardhats, safety goggles
Quick setup: system installation takes 30 minutes.
Virtually augment the job site in the camera view to get infraction alerts.
Quick action: alert safety manager instantly via messages on in-app.
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