Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
Implementation Plan
We help you see clear cost savings within 4 weeks.
RetroActivity is helping manufacturers across the globe increase their bottom line by continuous quality control, process improvement, and better training.

We initiate your account through a 4-week pilot program in which we help you install our smart camera system on your workstations, model manual
processes, set up dashboard and live task guidance systems, and observe a clear Return-on-Investment.
Return on Investment
Every industrial process is different, but here's what you can expect from installing RetroActivity on your lines.

Improvement in first-time yields

Reduction in manual assembly related quality issues

Reduction in worker training time
Your First 4 Weeks
Week 1
Deploy cameras
We help you install cameras on your lines without any disruptions, and record and annotate the manual processes to digitize.
Week 2
Setup dashboard
You now have a dashboard where you get continuous statistics on your manual processes. You are able to see deviations from standard processes, cycle time, step-level analytics, as well as note where time is being spent on non-value added activities.
Week 3
Help associates avoid mistakes, facilitate Kaizen events
Your operators get live visual and audible alerts out of the system when they make mistakes.You are able to use step-level analytics and traceability tools that facilitate a Kaizen event. You observe clear directional advantage of having RetroActivity on your lines.
Week 4
Measure Impact
You are able to measure and confirm the drastic reduction in manual assembly related quality issues.
Week 5 onwards
Continuous improvement
You expand RetroActivity to further workstations and processes, potentially using your own IT staff. RetroActivity can be set up by someone without a technical background. We continue to provide you with support with 24/7 support line, and regular visits for training and maintenance.

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