AI Copilot for Manufacturing Assembly Optimization

Empower your operators, engineers, and managers to dramatically boost the quality and productivity of your manual processes.

Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List

What is Pathfinder?

Digital Work Instructions with Step Verification

Create digital mistake-proofing mechanisms for a variety of assembly and packing processes. Pathfinder tracks individual steps of an assembly process, and offers audible and visual alerts to help associates avoid mistakes. Pathfinder also provides native support for Signal Towers and Projectors to reinforce its alerts.

Proof-Points from Actual Factory Floors Confirm Massive ROI

Maximize your engineers’ valuable time on action planning by letting Kaizen Copilot identify process issues. Propose solutions, and document the entire journey beyond implementation


Boost in IE productivity

LeanGPT to prescribe solutions


Faster time and motion studies

AI-Based station and line analysis


Cheaper ergonomic analyses

Computer vision for biomechanics and scene understanding


Eliminate documentation costs

Excel/PDF reports with charts and notes


Better internal collaboration

Unified web portal to streamline access

Digitizing your Entire Line

Respect for Worker Privacy

Face Blurring

Apply facial blurring before data storage.

Region Pixelation

Pixelate fixed part of camera region.

Region Pixelation

Pixelate fixed part of camera region.

Face Blurring

Apply facial blurring before data storage.

Face Blurring

Apply facial blurring before data storage.

Region Pixelation

Pixelate fixed part of camera region.

Works with an Ordinary Webcam!

Get started on a Windows PC in a few minutes.

Customers and Partners

"On the first implementation, we were able to cut our standard takt time in half in only a matter of weeks. Background analytics allow us to make and understand each assembly operation takt time as a whole utilizing all team member times where the analytics Pathfinder surfaces allow us to quickly verify that we are making the right decisions with each process change."
Travis Lindgren
Director of Smart Factory at Alliance Laundry Systems
"The Retrocausal proof-of-concept demonstrated great promise for quality of manufacturing assembly, where Honda is continuously innovating, in addition to overall efficiency."
Nick Sugimoto
CEO at Honda Innovations
"Siemens Digital Industries Software is enthusiastic about the collaboration with Retrocausal. This agreement is the first step in the development of an integrated solution that enables us to provide added value to our mutual customers."
Mohsen Rezayat
Chief Solutions Architect at Siemens Digital Industries Software.
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Multi-Model Foundation Models for Manufacturing with proprietary Datasets and Expert Annotation.

Cloud Application with industry leading Security and Data isolation Practices

AWS Infrastructure

Inherently superior security, scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency compared to on-prem software

Data Isolation

Separate S3 bucket for each organization. ISO-27001, SOC2, and GDPR Compliance guaranteeing information security. 

Ethical AI

LeanGPT models trained exclusively on public-domain data outside of copyright protections and proprietary data owned by Retrocausal.

Single Sign-On and Log Audits

Azure Active Directory, Okta and QRadar and Plug-and-play support for InfoSec complaince

Retro Slide

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Retrocausal solutions team visits your
facility to deliver custom integration


Zero-code integration with PLCs and tooling, e.g. to assist in physically stopping the line on detected errors.

Plug-and-Play common tools

Barcode scanners, Light Towers, many Smart Torque Wrenches, Projectors are plug-and-play and don’t require any additional steps.

Single Sign-On and Log Audits

Azure Active Directory, Okta, and QRadar plug-and-play support for InfoSec compliance.
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