Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
"Extra pair of trained eyes" to assist crews on Mars
Retrocausal funded by NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) team
Just-In-Time Training at Remote Sites
Complex procedures on the International Space Station rely on the Mission Control Center (MCC) to provide guidance, e.g. when a medical scenario exceeds crew's knowledge. Mars missions will not have real-time communication links for MCC to provide such tele-guidance (worst-case round trip communication time of 40 minutes). Thus, there exists a need for solutions that can provide just-in-time training, monitoring, and autonomous guidance of complicated procedures, to make the crew independent of MCC.

We develop a system for automatically constructing computational models of a complex physical task, such as a medical procedure performed by humans, given only a handful of recorded expert demonstrations of the task. Once such a model is built, our system can finely analyze the same task being performed in live video, to provide measurements and analytics, improve efficiency, guide a crew member through the task, or provide just-in-time training. The illustration on the left shows such a system in action where a crew member performs a diagnostic procedure on a patient. Our system "watches" the procedure in real-time, and guides the crew member step-by-step, while proactively warning for any mistakes.

Links: NASA SBIR 2020-I contract summary
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