Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
Live Task Guidance for Maintenance Assembly
10% Improvement in Yield, 60% Reduction in Manual Errors
What is RetroActivity?
Extra pairs of eyes for workers, that assists them in avoiding assembly errors in real-time, leveraging computer vision.
Product Variations
Adjust to different configurations coming down the same line.
Worker Privacy
Respect worker privacy by blurring out individual details.
No-Code Solution
Record a few examples to train our AI for parsing assembly steps.
Edge Compute
Edge compute for live feedback, one-time model training in the cloud.
About us
"Revolutionary", "Disruptive" - Large enterprise customer about our solution.
Shipped AI products including HoloLens, Lego AR, and Honda camera-based ADAS.
Our technology cited by groups from MIT, Stanford, CMU to Apple, Google, Baidu.
One of ten startups selected for Techstars Seattle accelerator (< 1% acceptance rate).
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Quality Control is essential, but is often applied too late on the line. We provide in-situ, human-centered, continuous quality control without adding delays to your line.

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