Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights' Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
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Empower your operators, engineers, and managers to dramatically boost the quality and productivity of your manual processes.
What is Pathfinder™?
Digital Poka-Yoke without slowing down your Operators
Create digital mistake-proofing mechanisms for a variety of assembly and packing processes. Pathfinder tracks individual steps of an assembly process, and offers audible and visual alerts to help associates avoid mistakes.
Pathfinder also provides native support for Signal Towers and Projectors to reinforce its alerts.

Pathfinder measures cycle-times, step-level statistics, variations, and non-value add activities. This highlight process variability and helps industrial and lean engineers balance lines.
Pathfinder helps manufacturers extract more productivity out of their processes.
Continuous Time Studies with Prescriptive Guidelines
Video Traceability for the whole line
Pathfinder extends the typical notion of Total Quality Management (TQM) beyond traceability of parts, to every assembly step. This empowers industrial and quality engineers to analyze root cause of issues from their computers, and to narrow down product batches for recall events.
Pathfinder provides a social layer on top of its analytics to enable industrial and quality engineers and managers collaboratively perform root cause analysis and identify improvements from data.
Collaboration Tools to Make Insights Actionable
Operations Management through Pathfinder App
Pathfinder provides a smartphone app to enable production managers track units produced on assembly stations from anywhere. They can set alerts to get notification when a station is expected to become a bottleneck on the line.
Pathfinder natively supports a host of IoT devices to precisely measure physical aspects of parts and motion. The platform instructs and alerts operators using multiple modalities beyond traditional computer displays.
Holistic Integration with Plug-and-Play IoT Devices
Pathfinder is deployed on every kind of assembly, sub-assembly, kitting, and testing use case, from tiny electronics to entire vehicles coming down a conveyor.

Digitizing your entire Line


Part Picking & Kitting

Test & Inspection

Works with an Ordinary Webcam!
Get started on a Windows PC in a few minutes.
Setup a new process within hours
Customers and Partners
We have some of the largest manufacturers and solution providers in United States, Japan, and South America as our customers. Here are a few of them.

NASA Award for Retrocausal

We are funded by NASA to assist crews heading to Mars perform complex procedures without needing to communicate in real-time with Mission Control back on Earth.

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Technology Award

Our technology won the Best Demonstration Award at the most prestigious conference in augmented reality, ISMAR.

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Judge's Choice Award

Retrocausal wins the Judge's Choice Award as well as the highest number of audience votes at the Vision Tank Competition out of dozens of computer vision startups.

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Retrocausal in CB Insights AM 50

Retrocausal made it to 2022 CB Insights Advanced Manufacturing 50 list, out of 6000 manufacturing technology companies.

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API and Integrations
We expose API to our software that is compatible with OPC UA and MQTT standards. We also provide integration with leading MES and identity management solutions.
Recent News
Hundreds of visitors tried our demo and assembled this engine block themselves at our booth, while receiving instructions and alerts from our software! We were then able to figure out how they could've performed the process more efficiently looking at our analytics and trace dashboards.
Pathfinder presented at IMTS 2022 and Detroit Auto Show
September 12, 2022
CB Insights today announced it has named Retrocausal, a growing leader in AI-driven quality assurance systems for manufacturing professionals, to its first-annual AM 50 ranking. The AM 50 ranking showcases the 50 most promising private, advanced manufacturing companies worldwide.
Retrocausal named to the 2022 CB Insights Advanced Manufacturing 50 List
July 27, 2022
Retrocausal, a growing leader in AI-driven quality assurance systems for manufacturing professionals, today announced it has secured $3.4 Million in new funding. The round was led by Glasswing Ventures and Differential Ventures, along with major investors, Argon Ventures, Ascend Ventures Vietnam, Hypertherm Ventures, and Incubate Fund US. Retrocausal will use the funding to further build out its team and extend the company's global growth and momentum in the market.
Retrocausal Raises $3.4 Million to Increase Manufacturers' Assembly Line Quality, Efficiency, and First Time Yield
March 16, 2022
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