Kaizen Copilot

Your AI Partner for Continuous Process Improvement

Leverage LeanGPT™ foundation models, shop-floor analytics, and secure knowledge base training to generate valuable documentation, analyses and ideas through a conversational interface.

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Why Kaizen Copilot?

Are you challenged with more Industrial Engineering (IE) projects than you have IE staff? 

How well do you cross-pollinate knowledge gained at different facilities or different shifts?

After a Kaizen event, how quickly do you reanalyze the process and give feedback to the team?

If you find yourself worrying about any of these questions, Kaizen Copilot is for you.

What is Kaizen Copilot?

Industrial Engineers and Production Managers design, track, and optimize industrial processes by combining domain expertise, organizational knowledge, and tedious manual observations such as time studies, ergonomic assessments, and yield estimates, while reasoning in a Lean Six Sigma and TPS framework.

We have trained a new kind of Generative AI foundation model called LeanGPT, specialized for the manufacturing and industrial engineering domains. Kaizen Copilot is a patent-pending assistive AI agent built on the LeanGPT model which gives it expert-level IE domain knowledge. We provide our customers the option to connect LeanGPT to their organizational knowledge bases in a secure and potentially even “on-premise” configuration. Further, Kaizen Copilot connects our computer vision and IoT-sensing platform to LeanGPT to minimize the need for manual measurements on the factory floor. We bake Lean Six Sigma workflows into Kaizen Copilot so that it can assist IEs in following widely accepted best practices.

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What can Kaizen Copilot do for me?


Act as a virtual IE consultant for small sized manufacturers who cannot afford to hire one full-time.


Generate analyses such as FMEA, ISO-4501, Error-Proofing in seconds which typically take days and weeks to produce.


Simulate alternatives to your actual assembly line and calculate what may be achievable.


Simulate alternatives to your actual assembly line and calculate what may be achievable.


Identify commonalities in quality and line balancing problems amongst your factories which may appear unrelated at a first glance.


Identify commonalities in quality and line balancing problems amongst your factories which may appear unrelated at a first glance.


Assist your Industrial Engineers in the adoption of Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems best practices.


Maximize the value out of operator interactions on your Gemba walks.


Generate novel insights for productivity maximization by combining your organizational knowledge with all your digital factory data.


Run OEE and Pareto Analysis by combining data from ERP, MES, and manual reporting.


Facilitate compliance with regulatory standards by minimizing the time needed to generate relevant planning and audit documents.

How does it work?

You can think of Kaizen Copilot as “ChatGPT for Industrial Engineering”, with the following improvements:

Specialized for Manufacturing

Kaizen Copilot is built on our own Large Language Models called LeanGPT, much like ChatGPT is built on GPT-3. However, LeanGPT is specialized on manufacturing and industrial engineering texts as well as proprietary industrial Kaizen form datasets.

Talks to IoT Infrastructure

While ChatGPT is frozen in time, and unable to fetch data from external sources like the internet, LeanGPT is able to call external APIs specifically Pathfinder’s computer vision and IoT platform as well as an increasing number of third-party SCADA platforms to formulate its responses.

References Actual Documentation

In addition to (or in place of) training LeanGPT on your knowledge bases, you can also use it to search individual documents in these repositories. In this mode, you retrieve documents that correspond to specific queries, and then ask questions from these documents. As opposed to ChatGPT, this gives you specific documents that you can cite as sources of conclusions.

Built-in Lean Six Sigma Workflows

Kaizen Copilot gently nudges its users in the direction of Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production Systems best practices by suggesting appropriate “Example Prompts”. Further, we have built in templates and tools that allow you to automatically fill out appropriate Lean Six Sigma and TPS-inspired worksheets e.g. Process Capability Sixpack Reports or OEE charts. You are able to refine these worksheets by conversing with LeanGPT and shuffling data around as needed.

Trains on Organizational Knowledge Bases

 LeanGPT can be trained your knowledge bases including ERP, MES, QMS, and CI systems in a secure cloud or on-premise configuration. Training LeanGPT models allows it to simultaneously consider all your organizational knowledge (potentially including knowledge across factories) together with its own manufacturing domain expertise and shopfloor observations in formulating questions to your answers. This, by definition, is a super-human capability that allows it to discover new connections and arrive at novel insights and conclusions.

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